July 20, 2004  - Oakland, California
Dear Cynthia,

I would again, like to reiterate my appreciation for the excellent job you did, on our behalf, in Las Vegas for Mr. Davis  75th birthday party.

We have received nothing but "Rave Reviews" from our guests.  Phrases like "you exceeded perfection" and "the most exquisitely orchestrated event I have ever attended".  We could not have created that type of ambience without your help.  I even enjoyed myself - what a novel concept.

Please accept the enclosed token of our gratitude for a job well done.

I look forward to working with you in the future.


Cheryl Nichols
Oakland Raiders
Personal Assistant to Mr. Al Davis

6/22/2012 - Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Jarein & Patti

Dear Cynthia,

I started writing you a thank you card when it became apparent right away that I was going to run out of space real fast and that the card alone wouldn't do justice. So, I decided to write what I had to say and insert this letter with the card.

Jarein and I want to thank you so much for all your hard work in making Sam & Amanda s Wedding Day so special.  From the very beginning it was a real pleasure getting to know and working with you.

The advice and guidance you gave was invaluable and made it easy for us to plan and prepare for the big event.  We truly appreciated that you addressed and eased any of our concerns along the way and made yourself readily available.  And, wow, you gave us your home number…..what more could we ask for…..that was so great!  Even last minute surprises were handled with finesse and the usual "I"ll take care of that", and you did it flawlessly.  You don t know how reassuring that was for us so that we were able to really relax and thoroughly enjoy the Wedding.

The Ceremony was so beautiful (even the wind didn"t detract), and the evening was perfect.  Sam and Amanda were pleasantly surprised and excited when they arrived at Edgewood and saw how beautifully everything was that you created for them.  You couldn't have made them or us any happier.  All of the flowers were absolutely AMAZING and you really captured exactly what I had envisioned and then some.  There were so many great personal touches that you incorporated and we received so many compliments…we are so grateful!

The vendors you referred us to were all great to work with, professional and also very nice.

The Ceremony itself was beautiful, not just because of the setting but also because Ron did such a good job at officiating….we all felt the love.

And Riano…what a great Entertainer he is that he can keep everything flowing so well throughout the entire Reception.  You were definitely right when you told us that anyone can play music but not everyone can entertain…that was key.  We were so happy with him and we had so many guests come up and tell us how much fun they were having at the Reception.  As a matter of fact, I don t think I have ever seen some of our family members enjoy themselves that much.  And, you probably noticed that Sam & Amanda practically danced all night, it was really great!

We all loved the cake too, really delicious and definitely worth all of the calories!  What we had leftover vanished in no time.

Cynthia, the wedding that you put together was perfect…..it was everything that you had promised and more.  We received compliments from so many people touching every aspect of the Wedding.  When I asked Sam's dad if he was enjoying himself he told me "it was the best Wedding he'd ever been to."  Quite a compliment and he wasn't the only one who told me that.  We also enjoyed ourselves tremendously, but the most important aspect of this event and our ultimate goal was achieved:  that Sam and Amanda really loved and enjoyed their Wedding, and they absolutely, definitely did! 

So thank you again for all your hard work and congratulations on the wonderful job you did to create such a beautiful Wedding.  We are so grateful and will always remember this special day in our lives.


Patty and Jarein Vlasveld (Parents of the Bride)

9/1/2010 - Hyatt Regency, Incline Village 

"Cynthia Ferris-Bennett went beyond expectation in every respect. The attention to detail, creativity and ability to find solutions to any issue, made our "day of" experience truly exceptional. My daughter invited Cynthia to participate in her wedding almost at the 11th hour after we realized that in addition to the invitations we had ordered, which turned out beautifully, Cynthia had ideas and solutions to make so many other details fall into place easily and affordably. Luckily, she was available for the wedding day! One of the things that impressed me the most was that Cynthia truly "got  my daughter's personality and her vison for the wedding she had dreamed of. I would highly recommend Cynthia Ferris-Bennett." 

 Freddie Laurian, Mother of the Bride


Cynthia and her team are impeccable! Every interaction I have had with her has been warm, professional, and exciting. She listens to your ideas and comes up with personalized solutions to help make any event a success. Her venues are impeccable, her taste is exquisite and she is extremely industry savvy. Any bride or host would be in great hands with Cynthia and her team!  


All I can say is amazing work!  I had Cynthia coordinate my whole wedding (start to finish) everything went off without a hitch! 

Thanks so much, 

Kathy Amberson

Jennifer Taylor Hernandez 
February 2, 2015 ·

Cynthia was awesome with our Girl Scout troop. The girls had a blast, can't wait to do another class with her.Type your paragraph here.


My wedding reception was at East Fork Ranch in Gardnerville. Coming from the Bay Area, my guests were in awe of the beautiful scenery and mountain backdrop. Cynthia was there with us, and made sure that we were taken care of and happy! She even went to help my mother in law when she got lost! We couldn't have asked for better treatment there, and the whole venue is gorgeous beyond belief!  


Cynthia Ferris-Bennett truly understood what I was looking for. When I described my VERY specific requests there was not even a hesitation. Our designer, Cynthia, simply listened to what I wanted, came up with the design and stayed within the budget that I provided. She was very clear about the turnaround time, what & when I should expect things. Thank you Cynthia for making my unique vision come true! It was worth every penny paid for this award winning design company

Barbie & Steve – Las Vegas, Nevada 

Sarah Baird reviewed Sierra Chef — 5 star
February 1, 2015 ·

My daughter had so much fun and was a great cooking class with the Girl Scouts thanks for a wonderful afternoon.

8/30/2010 - Round Hill Pines, Lake Tahoe

"How can I begin to thank Cynthia for everything she did to make our wedding and reception absolutely perfect? 
I would have never imagined when I first met Cynthia 6 months prior to my wedding (while on the hunt for the "PERFECT" wedding invitation) how important she would become to Michael and I. Of course being the "Control Freak" that I am thought I could handle all the planning myself. Boy was I wrong…. 

I remember Cynthia telling me that everything was going to be perfect and I need not worry, and although I would smile and say OK….she knew I was freaking out inside. And three days out from the wedding Cynthia took all my paperwork and told me to go away and enjoy all my family that was in town, I figured "OK, I need to let go".. For that we can not thank her enough…..

The Rehearsal was so well organized; even the kids knew exactly what to do. Then came the wedding day, and again everything came off without a hitch…. But most importantly when I walked into the reception room it took my breath away. The room looked so beautiful; it was everything I dreamed it would be and more. I want to share with you some of the comments we have received from our guests…".

Brandy Travers-Thomsen.


Cynthia was a very nice, sweet person. We loved all her help and had a lot of great ideas and from her. Her photography was perfect and she made sure I was taken care of on our day. She helped make it everything we imagined. 

2/15/2012 - Montague, California

"I lived in Tahoe for 4.5 years. I consider it to be my home. I was a wedding planner and coordinator in South Lake Tahoe for 3.5 years. I have found that I like planning and coordinating other people s weddings and not my own. I started to plan an elopement for myself. I made three important phone calls, Minister, Florist, and Cynthia Ferris-Bennett. I wanted invitations and I know that Cynthia is amazing. I had worked with her when planning a best friend's wedding. She is basically a one stop wedding shop. She does everything. Her work is amazing! I had no idea how much she does when I first contacted her. I should have called her in the beginning before planning anything. We went over everything together. Later on with pressure from outside influences we were asked not to elope and instead do the whole wedding and reception. She agreed to help me for the same cost for the elopement. She contacted everyone for me. She created the most amazing save the dates and invitations. She became our wedding planner and arranged everything for us. I couldn t have imagined a better deal!!! 

I had a lot of drama with the location of the reception, which became the location of the rehearsal dinner as my guest number exceeded the amount it could hold. She found us an amazing location and did everything for us. Then when there was more drama with the rehearsal dinner. I started to feel overwhelmed. Cynthia stepped in and was able to fix everything in about thirty minutes. See my uncle is in a wheelchair and I had a super misunderstanding with the rehearsal dinner location and they couldn't accommodate him so he wouldn't have been able to attend. We learned of that a day before our rehearsal dinner. She fixed it and got us a new place for our rehearsal dinner in about 30 minutes. 

In the end, I feel we took advantage of her. She was our planner, coordinator, decorator, florist, photograher, invitation and stationary creator and sender. She made all the decorations so that we didn't have to do anything, but get dressed and show up. It was amazing!!!!! 

Our wedding was elegant and lovely!"                
Natalie & Myles Wenderoth (Bride & Groom)

Diane Gibson Weidinger reviewed Sierra Chef 

January 9, 2014 ·

Heart Rock Herb & Spice Co. participated in one of the first classes offered through the Sierra Chef Series , it was a fun evening for those in attendance. Not only did the group enjoy their mixing time after a brief introduction into the wonderful world of spices, they also learned how easy it is to use herb & spice blends. Wine was also offered, which was a nice touch! This class could be your Valentines gift to each other! Sign up today!
Diane Weidinger

From: Dave Bromley [mailto:djbromley27@googlemail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 7:05 AM
To: Cynthia Ferris-Bennett
Subject: Happy Customer

To Cyn,

What a pleasure it has been to deal with you from the UK, You have so helpful and very fast to respond to emails and to delivery products.

We had an issue with the postal service and you straight away sent us more wax sticks at a greater cost than the postage, and even offered us the first order as a wedding gift when they arrived!! (You don't get that friendly service everywhere).

These wax sticks are for our Service cards for our wedding on Saturday 29th August, had it not been for Cynthia's excellent customer service and helpful nature we would never have had these wax sticks.

If I'm ever in Lake Tahoe I will be sure to visit for a coffee.

Thank you so so so much for all your help and complete understanding in our urgent matter of getting these wax sticks

Massive thank you

Dave and Angie


I've worked with Cynthia Ferris-Bennett for over a decade, and the one thing I can say with absolute certainty is that I never have to worry about overlooked details when working with her in any aspect of a wedding and reception.  Amateurs and beginners in this business tend to focus on their favorite element of a wedding, making it flawless, while underserving or flat out neglecting other, less favored aspects.  Cynthia has perfect vision in creating these events, which gives the entire affair a honed and professional finish. Since 2000, I have worked over 1000 weddings and receptions, and can quickly separate the pearls from the pebbles. Each wedding comes with its own set of unique complications and considerations, and Cynthia has the experience and skill to address and resolve those issues BEFORE they affect your special day. While others get lost in the minutia of a reception, hoping somehow that everything will miraculously come together at the last moment, Cynthia remains calm, knowing she has done her homework and is ready for whatever arises.  A wedding is probably THE most important and memorable day of a couples life together. By trusting Cynthia your event will have a solid foundation upon which to build the beautiful memories of that special day.  From invitations and menus, to location, decoration, floral arrangements, lighting, seating charts, event agendas, and musical entertainment, Cynthia can competently create that perfect setting for your perfect wedding by bringing each of these elements into harmony with one another. When it comes to YOUR special day... Only trust an expert!

Riano McFarland
​Owner, Vanity Inc - Las Vegas, Nevada

Zephyr Cove, Nevada - 7/14/2011

Cynthia is a master of design who is truly a professional. She was amazing with helping me customize my invitations. She was also a huge help with coordination of my wedding.

Martyna H – Rancho Cucamonga, CA

July 1, 2005 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Cynthia,

It is my pleasure to write this letter regarding your impeccable service and phenomenal delivery of a Grand Opening to remember a lifetime!  Cynthia, when I first called you simply to "order invitations", little did I know that you could do that and so much more.  Your offer to organize the entire event was met with hesitation.  My doubts ranged from "what could you do that I could not think of" to "are you going to meet the high level of excellence I place on every task I accept?"

Words are not adequate to describe my appreciation and awe at the incredible job you delivered with an unrelenting schedule and endless changes and executive team demands.  Your energy was limitless, your demeanor professional, and your encouragement and positive attitude were contagious.  Through many hours, emails, meetings, and additional last minute meetings, I can honestly say that I learned to relax and let you handle many of the items at hand with you skill and grace.  Your selection of key items, your knowledge of vendors, and your overall professional recommendations resulted in a momentous evening and a class act!

I extend my personal appreciation from the entire Konami Gaming Executive Team and foreign VIP visitors.  If only resources, time, and money were available, I would gladly embrace another special event just so I could work with you again.


Bobbi Youngblood
Director, Human Resources / Administration
Komani Gaming Corporation
Las Vegas, Nevada


My son and his bride were married on the shores of Lake Tahoe in August of 2015. WOW! Cynthia was Talented, Creative, Responsive! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Cynthia! She was so amazing and made our wedding lists so much easier to manage! She even created little chocolate pine cones, tied with raffia and tags, for our escort cards for the rehearsal dinner. These were displayed on a bed of moss, tree stump slices, and real pine cones! So Creative! She then used Christmas ornaments from a Lake Tahoe craftsman to hang from a tree for the escort tags for my son's wedding. She responds quickly to email and to texts in the most cheerful and positive way! She was my biggest fan when I needed encouraging. Plus, she is the only certified sparkler person on Edgewood Country Club's list. Cynthia is so fun to work with and her designs are right on target. She is amazing and I would highly recommend her for your event or wedding. You will not be disappointed! She is a doll! ( I just wish I had met her a year before the event. Was introduced to her about 4 months before the wedding. She can do anything!

August 1, 2005 - Las Vegas, Nevada

To whom it may concern,

As the Director of Marketing for Southern Highlands, I am always looking for unique and interesting ways to promote our events.  I was interested in finding a local company that could turn a job around quickly, efficiently, yet be extremely creative and professional.

When I met Cynthia Ferris-Bennett and learned of her company, I couldn't have been more thrilled.  She has exceeded all of my expectations with her excellent work.  We have used Cynthia for everything starting with the planning of an event, creating a logo, designing invitations & mailers, to executing the actual event with photography, gift bags & prizes.

Cynthia is a pleasure to work with and always presents herself in a professional manner.  I strongly recommend Cynthia for you special events needs.  

Kindest Regards,

Shelley Caiazzo
Director of Marketing
Southern Highlands Golf Club
Southern Highlands Development 

7/26/2009 - Edgewood Tahoe

"Beth and I just wanted to thank you again for helping us have such a fantastic wedding.  You were really a life-saver in coordinating things the day of and at the rehearsal, and several people remarked to us that this was easily one of the best-organized, best-run weddings they'd ever attended.  The programs, favors, and other decorations were all beautiful (and the cupcakes were really tasty), and the room looked gorgeous.  And of course, more importantly, we and our families didn t really have to worry about any of those things so that everyone was really able to just enjoy the day without being stressed out.  The other events (bowling, the BBQ, the rehearsal dinner) also went really well as well, and thanks especially for pointing us towards Dory's Oar for the rehearsal dinner:  the food was fantastic, and we never would have thought to check the place out if you hadn t mentioned it.

Thanks for everything,                    

Alan and Beth


My husband and I used Cynthia Ferris-Bennett for our "day of" preparation on our wedding day.

I have to say that there is no way we could have pulled off such a perfect day without the help of Cynthia and her assistant.  They went above and beyond making sure every detail was covered, leaving me stress free and having the best day of my life.  

I highly recommend Cynthia Ferris-Bennett.

Alyssa R. - Buffalo, New York

12/2012 - Lake Tahoe, Nevada

"Thank you SO much for all of your hard work on the Brabner/Aguilar wedding this past August.  I can't tell you how much we appreciated you going above and beyond for their programs and custom invitations in THREE different languages!  Your work is so amazing and beautiful.

Also, thank you for creating the escort poster for the Delpher/Rhodes wedding as well.  Your ability to be flexible when last minute changes occur is impeccable.  
We look forward to working with you in the future!".

Kerry Hawk - Owner of Blue Sky Events

11/12/2012 - Lake Tahoe

"I have done business with Cynthia Ferris-Bennett for years. Cynthia has donated to our many fundraisers and donated well. Her prices are in line I believe with specialty shops and all the other shops in and around Tahoe.

She has done my programs, invitations and table gift items for 5 years straight. She did my sons invitations to his going away party when he left for the Army. She has never let me down and she does last minute changes regularly. I'm surprised she keeps me as a customer I'm such a pain the A$$ with changes and last minute items.

There is no other event planning business I would use. 

Cindy Olivas Trigg