(Please note that by registering for the Sierra Chef Farmers Market you acknowledge that you have read and completely understand all of the market rules and requirements as shown below in their entirety.  You, and anyone you register, also agree to abide by all of the rules and requirements for the duration of this market which runs May 27, 2020 to September 2, 2020 from 8am t0 1pm at Heritage Park in Gardnerville.  We hope to ease restrictions at some point but for now, these are the rules.   If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email  We thank you for your cooperation and assistance in making this a safe event for all!

Faced with the COVID 19 Pandemic, we remain committed to creating and maintaining the highest quality Farmers Market while incorporating a win-win-win philosophy for the growers, vendors and our faithful public. Traditionally, Farmers Markets are places of social gathering and community. Markets are also where we find fresh produce, local meats, tasty food, handcrafted items, gourmet foods, and unique home businesses.  But the current COVID requirement for social distancing challenges the traditional Farmers’ Market model. In fact, we now find ourselves 180 degrees from that norm.  Given this circumstance, the management and vendors must do all we can to make the best of the situation.  If there is a silver lining, it is twofold: First, Farmers' Markets are considered essential; and second, the timing of this disruption is prior to the height of Nevada's Market season.  Nevertheless, the following guidelines will be in place immediately and include social distancing, restricted food handling, and restricted monetary handling.

There are new policies and procedures that will be put in place for the safety of all involved.  Some of these may take a little getting used to but we hope that everyone will take the time to understand that these new guidelines are for the protection of everyone.  Please note that these Rules and Guidelines may be adjusted by Sierra Chef as the Farmers Market season progresses as the Covid-19 outbreak is still a fluid situation.


We don’t like waiting in line and are guessing you feel the same.  To save time for our shoppers and to mitigate crowd control we will ask that all shoppers register for a specific shopping time for the 2020 Market season.  Most folks enjoy shopping at the Farmers Market at a particular time.  With this in mind shopping times are hourly…8am to 9am, 9am to 10am and so on.  It will be very simple to register for a specific shopping time. Shoppers can register at Sierra Chef in Genoa, email their requested time to, or visit the website and fill out the Farmers Market Shopping Form.  We will limit the number of shoppers during a particular timeframe.  Once you have secured your shopping time you will receive a color coded wrist band for the season.  You can pick up this color coded wrist band at Sierra Chef in Genoa or it will be available to you at the Farmers Market on your first visit.  
Very limited registration will be done at the Farmers Market…we ask that you please take a moment and register now on the above form.


There will be a single point for entrance to the market and a single point of exit. All Market rules will be posted at the Entrance along with Sanitizing Stations.  Sierra Chef Team members will be at the Entrance as well as roving the entire Market. If you have any questions, concerns or need clarification please refer those questions to any Sierra Chef Team member. 
If you do not use the designated Entrance to the Market you will be asked to leave.


Please read and pay attention to all signage placed around the Farmers Market.  If there is something that you do not understand and require clarification please ask a Sierra Chef Team member, they will be happy to assist you. 
If you do not follow the rules you will be asked to leave the market immediately.

The Sierra Chef Farmers Market General Guidelines:
Required: Additional space between vendor booths, 10 feet wherever possible, and reconfigured for easier access and departure and where customers can spread out 6ft

Required: Handwashing stations or hand sanitizer stands for customers where possible

Eliminated:  All entertainment, promotions, seating areas, or anything else that encourages customers to linger

Eliminated: Drinking stations

Eliminated: All sampling

Eliminated: Onsite food preparation

Eliminated: All artisan vendors.  We hope to bring back these amazing Vendors as restrictions are eased.

Sierra Chef Farmers Market Specific Guidelines:

Vendors:To help keep everyone safe at our Farmers Market and support social distancing, we have enacted the following changes:

  • Posted signs with safety guidelines.
  • We highly recommend everyone to wear gloves and masks.
  • May not touch reusable bags belonging to customers.
  • Ensure the tables in vendors’ booths are set up to prevent customers from crowding in vendor booths with 6ft distancing.
  • Strongly encourage grab-and-go, pre-packaged produce.
  • Require handwashing stations or hand sanitizer and gloves for their staff. Must wash their hands several times throughout the day and replace gloves often. Make sure to wash your hands before putting a new pair of gloves on.
  • No cloth tablecloths allowed, only tablecloths that can be wiped down or no tablecloths  at all.
  • Unpackaged food and cash/scrip /card may not be handled by the same person. We are requesting, if possible, a minimum of two people in the booth to maintain 6ft from one another. One handling cash/scrip/card and one handling produce. If you only have one vendor, you must use one hand for product and one hand for card/cash/scrip. No cross contamination.
  • Market staff/volunteers will actively encourage social distancing.  If there are any customer issues you are asked to bring the issue to the attention of a Sierra Chef Team member so that they may address the issue and will ask customers to leave the Farmers’ Market if met with refusal.   

Customers: Practicing social distancing requires everyone’s participation to be effective. We need your help to create a social distancing friendly environment and are asking you to follow these guidelines when you visit our modified market:

  • If you are sick, stay home and ask a friend or family member to pick things up for you instead.  If you appear to be sick you will not be admitted to the Market.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water before coming to the market.
  • We highly recommend everyone to wear masks.
  • Read all Market signs and vendor signs so that you understand the Market Rules.  If you do not understand please ask one of the Sierra Chef Farmers Market Team members.
  • Maintain 6 feet of space from other shoppers and allow others their space when shopping.  There will be signage to assist with the proper distancing.
  • If you need to sneeze or cough, sneeze or cough into a tissue or into the crease of your elbow. 
  • Shop quickly to limit crowding.
  • No sampling of product.
  • Buy pre-bagged items whenever you can – some farmers are preparing them ahead for you.
  • Your reusable bags will not be allowed to be handled by vendors; you will have to place your product in your own bag.
  • Minimize the size of your group when shopping and keep your group together – this is especially important when shopping with young children.
  • Wait outside the booth until it is free of other shoppers, and then take your turn.
  • You will not be able to spend time socializing or linger at the Farmers Market and will be asked to leave if you do so.
  • Do not touch anything for sale before you buy it. The farmer/vendor will pick out what you want and bag it for you.
  • If possible, use touchless payment (pay without touching money, a card, or a keypad). If you must handle money, a card, or use a keypad, use hand sanitizer right after paying.
  • Thank your farmer.

We want to ensure our market stays open by following all local rules and guidelines for the market, we ask you to please adhere to these rules so we can all enjoy the market this summer.

Our Sierra Chef Team thanks you in advance for making this an outstanding Farmers Market season!

Be well, Stay Safe and Best Wishes…

Cynthia Ferris-Bennett
Owner, Sierra Chef
2292 Main Street
Genoa, Nevada 89411

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